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The Journey to TA Qualification - Pt. 1

There are currently less than 10 qualified Organizational Transactional Analysts in the UK. There are in fact four ‘fields of application’: psychotherapy, organizations, education, and counselling.

In the UK, over 95% of those qualified have specialised in the psychotherapy field. The benefit of our organizational specialism is our experience and knowledge of organizations and the contracts that they uniquely require. The tools of TA are very powerful and their correct application to the organizational context is very important. Our specialist skills allow us to establish clear boundaries between the personal and the professional and keep organizational objectives as the focus for our work.


What it takes to become a Certified Organizational Transactional Analyst

Organizations benefit from our extensive in-depth training. The experience and training required for qualification in this field are exceptionally demanding. You might like to know what you would need to do to develop this level of expertise:

You would need to (as we did):

  • Gain extensive experience in organizations in the public, charitable and private sectors.
  • Undertake in-depth training programmes in Transactional Analysis (It takes 5-6 years to reach Certified Transactional Analyst level including 750 hours of documented practical experience, 150 hours of supervision of our work, and 600 hours of training).
  • Write a 24,000 word dissertation once your sponsors have agreed that you were personally and professionally ready to go for examination. This would include an in-depth case study on a piece of work you have undertaken. Following a further oral examination you would become a Certified Transactional Analysts.

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