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Anita and Chris no longer train TA in person. Their TA content remains here for teachers/learners subject to terms/usage citation. Increase of this provision is under development.

Consultancy and Training

We are passionate about making the work environment a good place to be for the individual, as well as productive for the organization. We specialise in approaches that can be integrated by delegates and those we coach.  We start from strengths rather than weaknesses, on solutions not on blame.

Coaching and Supervision

The higher up the organization you go the greater the expectations and pressure. We offer Executive Coaching for your top teams, enabling improved effectiveness both individually and as part of the team or group. We also offer high calibre coaching supervision to ensure that coaches are reflective, ethical, and professional.

Download articles

We have provided you with access to a range of articles in order to give you an idea of our thinking. You are welcome to download and print them for your own personal use. Read at home, in the office or on the go! The possibilities are endless.


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