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Coaching Supervision

During the last few years the coaching field has rapidly expanded and as a coach you require space and time for reflection in order to develop awareness of the ways in which you are helping, or perhaps hindering, a client’s progress. Coaching client’s need to be assured that as their coach you are offering them the best you can and supervision is one way to provide this.

Working intensely with those who are being coached sometimes means that you are unable to see the “wood for the trees”. Occasionally your client may say something that triggers a subjective response within you. This may because you have experienced a similar situation yourself and this creates an emotional response that may be unhelpful to your client. Effective supervision is able to throw light on a variety of such processes and enable you to “unhook” yourself and move to the “meta” position so that you can more ably support your client.

Good supervision requires a range of skills through which to support you as a coach. We also have a responsibility to have an eye to protection issues i.e. codes of ethics and professional practices guidelines. In short we need to have an overview of your coaching practice so that we can support you with your endeavours and, at the same time, take the client/s into consideration.