Group Coaching

This is an effective and economic way to undertake coaching. Instead of just working one to one with a coach, participants work with each other in the group for the betterment of all. The coach holds the process and boundaries to ensure that everyone develops and maintains the safe emotional space and works to support each other. This is an extremely creative way to work that promotes group cohesion and provides a stimulating environment for learning and development. 

The group could consist of those in leadership roles in one organization, individuals who would like to be involved in a group, or a team of people who wish to enhance the way they work together. 

Mountain Associates' coaches are trained and skilled group workers. We understand the importance of the link between enjoyment, learning and productivity, take one of these out of the equation and difficulties are likely to arise. We recognise the importance of creating a safe culture where participants develop trust and yet can challenge and be challenged. This will only occur in a climate of OKness i.e. where the underpinning philosophy is of acceptance of each other and of each other’s views, personality and culture, even where there is disagreement. In this way participants share more, are increasingly creative and therefore co-creative, which is particularly important today as organizations have to keep ahead of the game.