The Difference between Coaching and Psychotherapy

Currently, there is a lot of talk about using an integrative approach to coaching. This means that some coaches "integrate" psychotherapy with coaching. However, we differ with this approach as we recognise that there are major differences in a contract for coaching and a contract for psychotherapy.

In coaching the primary focus is on the professional aspects, whilst in psychotherapy the primary focus is on the personal. Of course we do explore the personal aspects of beliefs and feelings as these influence your professional life but we do this in order to raise awareness of how an outdated belief or action might be ineffective today. In psychotherapy we can undertake regressive work where the client experiences the past as if it were in the present day. This work is inappropriate for coaching.

As you can see, we take a different approach. We are outlining these differences for your protection as a potential client. Whilst we offer in-depth coaching there is no need for this to be interlaced with psychotherapy - that is a different contract. 

Anita is a Transactional Analyst psychotherapist and of course uses her skills and knowledge to support you in your journey without overstepping the boundary and moving into therapy. She is also an Association for Coaching Accredited Coach. Her psychotherapy knowledge, skills and experience are there to inform and support her thinking, but not to change the contract.

So get in touch now to discuss differences with us!