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Articles on Organizational TA

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Leadership as a Social Phenomenon

This article recently appeared in a themed issue of the Dutch Transactional Analysis journal Strook.
When we consider the interactive processes of leadership, we also need to take into account the social aspects.
Transactional Analysis (TA) is well placed to consider both social and personal psychology. ‘Social’ in this context means what happens when people come together. Berne developed linear ways to track interactions between people but also gave consideration to groups and the boundaries between different parts of the structure. However, the latter has taken a more minor role in TA as the focus has tended to be on individual ‘auto­nomy’. Berne’s work in relation to groups was, and still is, seminal and an effective way to think through interventions and this paper will relate Berne’s thinking with that of Social Emotional Intelli­gence (author’s term) and its importance for leadership within the organizational system.

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