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Working in Group (Ended)

November 19/20/21, 2015

Sometimes it's difficult to manage groups of people. This workshop will aid you to manage
meetings, promote effective communication and, above all, establish a sense of emotional safety.
All groups go through stages in their development and there are many different theories written
about these. Recognition of these stages is helpful when facilitating so we can consider the
appropriate interventions.We will cover everything from setting up a group to how to end them;
group work theory; group processes; and facilitating styles. Berne’s stages of groups diagrams
will also be explored.


The Aims of this workshop are:

  • to develop an understanding about how groups work
  • to be clear about group stages and how to manage them
  • to learn how to create a safe place that promotes co-creativity
  • to integrate different group work theories along with those in TA
  • to offer a delegate the opportunity to facilitate a one hour seminar and to receive constructive feedback from group members.


To get the best from this workshop, you need to meet one or more of the following:

  • to have taken the Official Introduction to TA (the TA101) either as a written paper or as a delegate on the course or
  • read: Mountain A & Davidson C (2011), Working Together; Organizational Transactional Analysis and Business Performance, published by Gower or
  • attended a foundation course in TA facilitated by a PTSTA or TSTA
  • be willing to learn and share


Programme Facilitator:

Anita Mountain MSc, CTA (O/P), FITOL, AC Accredited Executive Coach, Certified PCM Trainer, Certified PCM Coach, Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (with Organizational & Psychotherapy specialties). Anita travels internationally offering consultancy, training, coaching and supervision. She believes in equality for all and in creating a safe place where professionals can develop their skills and understanding. Anita is co-author of Working Together, Organizational Transactional Analysis and Business Performance, published by Gower and now out in paperback.  in order to obtain a sample chapter from our book.

Venue: Desford, Leicestershire
Exchange: £270 (+VAT).
Cancellation is two weeks prior to the workshop and there will be a £20 handling charge.
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