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Aims of the Organizational TA Programme

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Supply you with the analytical framework and language to describeorganizational culture, and diagnose its problems in everyday language
  • Equip you with a toolkit of strategies and tactics to address the key communication problems you encounter
  • Develop an understanding of organizational complexity, of people processes within an organization,
    and ways to handle this complexity
  • Enhance the effectiveness and impact you have in your role
  • Show you how to create a cooperative and supportive environment for people to work in
  • Enable you to communicate effectively with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds
  • Increase your confidence dealing with situations where you encounter power dynamics, ethical dilemmas, or need to facilitate or make presentations to others

The Benefits to You / Your Organization:

  • Develop new ways of working that increase morale and productivity
  • Understand yourself better and develop a greater awareness of the interactions around you, and your influence upon them
  • Identify the problem areas in your organizational culture and barriers to your successful development and know what action to take to remedy these
  • Communicate those areas clearly to others in everyday language
  • Increase your positive impact on other people

The programme will be delivered at our training facility in Desford, Leicestershire.