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Open Workshops 

If you work in or for an organization, whether that be as a leader, consultant or coach then here is a programme that can enable your professional development including your levels of confidence and skill. It will enable you to understand the workplace and improve your skills and therefore the quality of your service.

Transactional Analysis is an approach to understanding how and why we relate with others in the way we do. It enables us to know how to get our message across, support others to work together, and keep everyone okay. In the workplace effective communication leads to effective relationships and improved productivity. Energy, usually expended on conflict and crisis can instead be used for innovation and co-creativity. In Organizational TA we explore the social psychology aspects, the organizational culture, organizational assessment, and multi-handed contracting.

This programme will also help to prepare you to become Certified Transactional Analysts (Organizational).  

The workshop process includes didactic input, discussion, and group exercises. Supervision will be integrated within the workshops. For those new to this type of workshop, supervision is a process by which people are supported to improve their practice whether that be a practical skill-based issue, an ethical or a professional dilemma. We consider supervision essential in the application of TA and in the development of your professionalism.

All workshops are from 9.30 to 16.30 each day. On the three-day events (November, 2015 & May, 2016) there will be an evening seminar this will take place from 17.00 to 18.30 and be facilitated by one of the delegates on a topic of your choice. Facilitators will need to link this to TA theory and practice. This is a great opportunity share your passion and receive feedback from your peers in ways that are OK/OK thereby promoting professional development.

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