Working with you 

Stage 1: Assessing your situation

We will arrange a briefing meeting to check that we are a good match.  It is important that all stakeholders are present at this meeting so that we can assess your situation.

Stage 2: Initial Meeting

This face-to-face meeting provides the opportunity for dialogue about your organization, your wants and needs and future developments. Taking a short time to clarify the situation, not rushing in, will lead to long-lasting solutions. 


Stage 3: Proposal

Having agreed that we are a good match for your needs we will write a proposal for the way forward.  All our interventions are designed to equip your workforce with the skills, knowledge and underpinning philosophy to unlock communication, enhance team working, and develop resilience. 

Stage 4: Contracting

Whatever the intervention we will ensure that there is clarity about our agreements, including any hopes, fears and expectations.  Clarity in contracting ensures that everyone is moving in the same direction, taking responsibility for outcomes.  We work in partnership with you in support of you, your workforce and the organizational goals.

Stage 5: Commissioning

Once the proposal is agreed and the commissioning contract is finalised we work to become your trusted advisor.

Stage 6: Delivery

Whatever the intervention we work to support people to be mindful, learn about themselves and others, increase their ability to understand others’ perspective and develop creative thinking to solve problems. 

Stage 7: Follow-up

Our experience tells us that is important to have a follow-up a short time later.  This encourages people to maintain momentum, apply the new learning, assess the outcomes, and decide if there is anything they need to do differently.  Busy lives offer little time for reflection and the follow-up provides the space to account current reality and to see if further developments are required.