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DMM, Managing Director, Training & Coaching Consultancy, East Sussex, UK

'I have been having supervision for my training and coaching work with Anita for over 5 years and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Anita is able to provide just the right mix of support and challenge and as a result, I come away from the sessions with new insights and greater clarity, which is of real benefit in my work.'


Marc Lecordier

Médiateur Professionnel 

'I’ve been attending training, coaching and supervision sessions with Anita regularly since 2005.
Beyond being a deep caring and respectful human being, Anita gives structure and understanding, whether on One 2 One or group sessions.

Her life and work experiences added to her deep knowledge of TA contribute to make Anita a powerful and aligned coach.
Always challenging beliefs and behaviours with respect and openness.
I warmly recommend Anita has a coach and supervisor.'


Olivier Montadat

Organizational Consultant and Professional Coach (Self-employed), Paris, France

Former Manager at Deloitte’s Paris (10 years)

'I have known Anita Mountain for now 16 years. First I went to England to attend her TA Organizational training that included for some of them some supervision's times.


Three years from now, I needed a very experienced and sharp supervisor to accompany me in my professional development; and I asked Anita to supervise me on a regular basis.

As a supervisor, Anita is very strict about boundaries and contracts and this being done in a nurturing way full of respect for the person.


She is very smart at identifying discounting and ways that one may use to avoid the ‘actual problem’. She will confront you – meaning she will point us inconsistencies that you as a supervisee have expressed or demonstrated and this is a very effective and respectful way. When Anita Mountain supervises you it’s entirely for your own benefit as a client.


As she told me once ‘No one (coach/supervisor…) is a match to anybody’, but if you have the advantage to work with her you will develop yourself being protected and guided by a very competent professional with a deep sense of humor.'


Managing Director, Morton 5275 Ltd

'I have been contracting with Anita for regular professional supervision for more than seven years. During that time she has enabled me to grow my capability through focused reflection, appropriate challenge and occasional signposting. There have been two primary results for me; firstly, I have taken decisions regarding the contracts I enter into, which are now considerably healthier than before; secondly, I have stepped up onto 'a bigger stage', one of the insights I had in the course of a supervision session with Anita. My professional practice has been increasingly international, much more personally satisfying, and better balanced. I am continuing supervision with Anita for the foreseeable future.'



DB, NHS Doctor

'Coaching provided me with guidance to navigate personal and workplace interactions. The process supported me in changing my post, which has worked well. Although my workload has increased a little, I feel safer in the workplace and more able to manage my work professionally rather than emotionally and stressfully. I refer to Anita and Chris’s TA book, Working Together, Organizational Transactional Analysis and Business Performance, and the notes I made during coaching as an ongoing resource: I have been empowered to coach myself.'


Jo O’Leary

Head of Delivery, BBSRC

'Working with Anita has enabled me to develop my leadership style and better understand how to be effective in my role.  Her coaching style, which is supportive yet challenging, helped me to identify and  focus on my big challenges and find perspective. She helped me to look at and explore problems in different ways and she supported my development through her empowering and practical approach.'



Speciality Doctor, Service for Adults with ADHD/Autism Spectrum Disorders

'I felt stuck in my career, undervalued and underutilised.  Anita helped me remember the things I still enjoy, the things I am good at and how to get my career back on track.  I have now switched jobs to somewhere I feel valued and the enthusiasm and passion are back too.  Thanks to Anita, I have come a long way from both a personal and professional perspective.  Most importantly I have started to enjoy my life!'



Account Director, Global BPO Organisation

'As someone working in a global sales role where people skills and communication were something I had always considered as strengths I reached out to Anita in late 2015 struggling to manage conflict at work.

I was aware that I was not helping myself, but caught in a vicious cycle of feeling helpless and beginning to really fear certain interactions I couldn’t see a way out. It was as if a decade of professional confidence had vanished.

 Working with Anita taught me

  • the true value of being OK and allowing others to be OK too,
  • how easy it is to mis-hear or ignore positive feedback – and the damage that was doing,
  • where I was perceiving things out of my control as my weaknesses and how to look at things differently

Of course it sounds simple! But it is not a place I would have got to without Anita’s coaching. I went from a version of me I didn’t recognise, to the ‘me’ that I lost at work; someone with passion and goals  – and with the tools to help me get there. I still practice a number of the exercises now.

Anita was recommended to me – which was important as I sought her help at my own expense without any financial support from my company. Today it remains one of the best investments I have made in my own development. I was ready to resign my role but as I write this I am in the role I want at work, I am being heard. I approach conflict from a completely different angle and I invite respect.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anita and whenever I or someone I work with asks about coaching or professional mentoring Mountain Associates will be my first port of call. Thank you Anita!'


SR, Speciality Doctor

‘As an SAS Doctor undergoing appraisal, and in relation to some comments made by staff members (during my 360-degree assessment) regarding my interview style, it was suggested to me that I might undertake a course of Transactional Analysis (TA) coaching.


The course involved my compiling a 'personality profile' using the Process Communication Model, analysis of my personality structure, and how this had developed throughout my life by way of various 'phase changes', which I was able to identify. This led to my reflecting upon my character strengths and weaknesses, my psychological needs and motivators, and ultimately formulating action plans, both personal and professional.


My coach, Anita Mountain, was very caring and supportive, and was psychologically skilled, allowing the coaching to be delivered in a flexible manner to suit my needs.


Overall, I found TA to be a helpful process, offering an excellent opportunity for reflective practice, and I would recommend this to any health professional as a viable method for analysing and modifying their communication skills.’                                         


Mark Douglas Poultney

Managing Director - Consultant - Coach
'Anita has been teaching me since 2008, her style is open, inclusive and insightful. Anita is extremely knowledgeable giving her students and clients the benefit of years of training and experience. Whilst challenging me to grow and question myself constantly it is a joy to attend her courses.'

Marcus Cauchi Sandler

Sales Management Trainer
'Sandler Sales Trainer & Sales Management Training Course Provider (Thames Valley/South East)
Anita is a pleasure to be coached and trained by. She speaks a lot of sense, asks great questions and helps you see things you were missing or misattributing quickly and without any sense you are being diminished. She knows her material, teaches it well and has a patient, business-like and supporting style.

If your team is a bunch of messed up puppies, perhaps you experience conflict, you avoid confronting difficult situations, you or your boss are inconsistent, interfering or reckless, confrontational, yes men or grumbling critics; if you have fights at home, at work and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of having them, perhaps giving Anita a call will be that moment when things will start changing for the better for you?'


Damian Gardner
Lead Clinical Psychologist

'Anita is a highly sophisticated and experienced coach. She draws on a depth of therapeutic and organisational knowledge and then packages this in a way that is energised, attuned to the client's practical needs and oriented towards long term growth and development. And she is good fun to work with as a bonus!'

Jacques Moreau
President at Ressources & Changement Group
'Anita est une professionnelle d'une remarquable intelligence et d'une humanité sincère. Je recommande chaleureusement Anita tant pour la formation et la supervision que pour sa capacité à réaliser des interventions puissantes dans les groupes.'


Andre Wyllie Lacerda Rodrigues
Engineering and Maintenance Director at OMNI Táxi Aéreo Ltda
'Anita is a highly skilled coach, lecturer and keynote speaker. She has the soft ability to stimulate people to think and learn from their own experiences. She is also very good at creating workable models for both business and personal development. I have seen Anita deliver content in such a powerful way that a standing ovation was just inevitable. Above all, I recommend Anita for her great spirit and her ability to create healthy and meaningful relationships.'


Daniel Spinelli
Country Manager at Signature Brasil
'I've attended 01 workshop and a watched a lecture by Anita Mountain. She has a high ability to keep the participants involved and in the same time she makes you go deep into the subjects. Best then anything she´s great as a human being.'


Julie Caton

Executive Director Bloom Agency

'Anita knows her stuff!

She is calm, has integrity and she listens. More than that her approach is intelligent and realisitic and Anita will deliver.Anita understands people and behaviour and the science behind behaviour and thought.Her expertise is in working with people to help them to understand feelings thoughts and behaviour and to make adjustments.

  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Management style
  • Stress

If you need to work with a team to achieve a business goal or improve any aspect of performance Anita is the right partner to work with.'


David Shoesmith

MD, Abram Pulman

'Mountain Associates use a lot of approaches other than just TA in their work. When studying TA with Anita I have learned a lot about other models and a lot about life. On a personal level I have learnt a lot about myself, my feelings and my behaviour; I now have more of an understanding of who I am. This has enabled me to bring to the workplace a style of leadership with which I feel more comfortable. The training course gives me the understanding I need to deal with my staff, effect changes and run the business in a people centred way. I also get support and encouragement from Anita and the group as well as being challenged and inspired.'

'I appreciate Anita's great art for doing things in-depth in a very light and just way. Her interventions enable us, as consultants/coaches, to improve our own potency in a very aware way. I decided I had to organise workshops with Anita in France so that I could share this with my French peers.'


Pascale Theobald

Delegate from France - Women's Centre Manager

'I have enjoyed learning with you and would like to thank you for supporting me throughout. Those weekends provided me with a valuable space to reflect on both my work and life and I am in no doubt that they contributed to the confidence I needed to keep going at the Women's Centre.'


Monika Winkel


'What I appreciate most apart from Anita's high competency and experience is how Anita creates and guaranties a group atmosphere that allows a structured and rich learning process based on profound respect and okness. Anita is always challenging but never pushing in her coaching and supervision. This has invited me to make a lot of progress.'


Anna Rigby-Brown

'Anita saved my sanity!'

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