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Parallels between Re-engineering & Script

Re-engineering is the:

"fundamental rethinking and radical re-design of business processes to achieve the dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance"
(M. Hammer & J. Champy 1994)

A key word in this statement is fundamental. In re-engineering, companies need to ask themselves the basic questions:

  • Why do we do what we do? and

  • why do we do it the way we do?

These fundamental questions enable people to look at the rules and assumptions that underlie the way they conduct their businesses. Often these rules turn out to be obsolete or inappropriate.

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In this paper I will explore the link between re-engineering and the concepts of physis, autonomy, and transformation in TA. I will also explore the link with the concepts of ego states and script cure.
Organizational TA has a lot to offer industry. Just as clinicians need to be able to ‘talk turkey’ with doctors, organizational Transactional Analysts need to be able to translate our work into other languages in order to be able to work alongside others.

Reengineering has been a much-used term in industry and has received a great deal of publicity, both positive and negative. This paper explores how Organizational Transactional Analysts can enable organizations to change and use both re-engineering and TA concepts to promote this change.