Keith Morton


Keith Morton has nearly 30 years of Coaching, Leadership Development and Business Education experience.


Following a career in British Telecom, including 3 years as a Management Trainer and an accredited TQM Facilitator, Keith has worked and continues to work extensively in both the private and public sectors. He is also an Associate Lecturer at Warwick University and at Warwick’s partner Universities in Hong Kong, Beijing and Bangkok.


Keith’s Coaching clients have been Senior Leaders in Civil Construction, Logistics, Healthcare and Automotive products, including international clients in Australia, China, Netherlands and the USA. In both his Coaching practice and as a Leadership Trainer, he works to combine up-to-date insights into personal and leadership behaviour with highly developed strategic and contextual understanding.


Keith holds an Honours Degree in Politics from the University of Bristol and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Labour Studies and Industrial Relations from the University of Westminster. His ongoing professional development is in the practice of Transactional Analysis with an Organisational focus; he is undertaking an accredited programme leading to qualification as a Certified Transactional Analyst (Organisational). 


In an ever-increasing international working environment, it is important to maintain OK/OK relationships when communicating across cultures. In the face of evidence that cross-cultural understanding is under pressure, Keith believes that the need to apply the principles of Transactional Analysis to our experience of working internationally is more important than ever.