Executive Coaching

Through Executive Coaching, Mountain Associates support you and your workforce to develop clarity, power and co-creativity for the good of the organization as well as the individual. We work in partnership with you to promote resilience and the people skills to get where you need to be, finding out what is not, and what is effective.

Coaching is about how to develop and use your potential for the benefit of yourself and others. We offer you the time and space for reflection and discovery in order to promote your continual professional development. We work contractually, setting goals for the future so that these outcomes can be evaluated. Our coaching involves the development of a trusting, supportive relationship whilst offering sufficient challenge to promote in-depth thinking and awareness. We are committed to engaging in dialogue to support you to be the best you and/or your teams can be, accounting current realities and considering options.

If you are motivated in achieving your best and leading your organization through the ups and downs of organizational life then contact us now for a free half-hour session.

Whilst we work in the present we believe in the importance of the client setting fundamental goals and therefore also being future-focussed. The past is a trail you leave behind you and is there for information only. Therefore the energy you use today needs to support and motivate you to move toward your goals.

Lifting Your Limits Executive Coaching

Lifting Your Limits

Are You:

Interested in developing yourself?

Wanting to go beyond your self-limiting beliefs and behaviours?

Willing to challenge yourself in order to achieve your leadership aspirations?

Committed to ethical behaviour?

Ready to work in partnership with your coach?

Lifting Your Limits© Executive Coaching supports you to embark on an exciting and growth-filled journey.  The coaching is supported by the upcoming e-learning programme entitled Lifting Your Limits for Leaders. If you’re someone who wants to continue to grow and develop yourself, not just for yourself but also for the benefit of those you work with, and for your organisation, we anticipate that this coaching will be a good match for you.  This experiential course is designed for you as a leader. It provides the opportunity for you to increase your awareness, explore your strengths and the ways in which you may hamper and limit yourself. With your newfound awareness and the solutions you have generated, you will have the opportunity to make changes and thereby improve your leadership.  

Self-discovery is not about something being taught to you, but more about increasing your understanding and awareness of

yourself leading you to Lift Your Limits and excel.

This journey is about you and your leadership:

How you want to lead

How you take your organisation from good to great

How you move on from where you are to where you want to be

Contact us now for an informal chat about the way forward.

We've now launched our new E-Learn Course on Udemy!

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