Mountain Associates have nearly 30 years experience enabling clients to promote development and growth in organizations.


As one of less than ten experts in the UK qualified to teach Organizational Transactional Analysis, you will benefit from techniques that focus on solutions not on blame. Our continuous professional development ensures you have access to the most current approaches in the field including a range of other relevant theories and techniques applied to enable you to meet your objectives.


(read about our Journey to qualify as Transactional Analysts)


You will benefit from our adherence to a code of ethics and professional practices guidelines which state we must be competent to do your work. If we do not believe we are competent we will not accept your commission to do the work. Mountain Associates will not make you a promise that cannot be kept. We will be honest, truthful and “up-front” with you at all times so that you always know exactly where you stand.


We will learn about the culture of your organization. You will have an assessment and an analysis before we undertake the appropriate action to meet your organizational needs. Every program is a bespoke product created to meet your specific needs.

Anita Mountain

Anita Mountain MSc CTA (O)(P) Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (with Organizational and Psychotherapy Specialties), is the founding partner of Mountain Associates. Anita has two Certifications as a Transactional Analyst - in both Organizational and Psychotherapy applications and is also accredited to train trainers both nationally and internationally. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Training & Occupational Learning. Co-author of Working Together, Organizational Transactional Analysis and Business Performance.